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I COLORI DEL BIANCO • €20,00 sc.42%

Remote places, silent, crystallized by ice: these are the images that come to mind when we think of the northern and southern reached or our planet.  But these candid, immaculate, eternally and uniformly white expanses enclose actually a wild universe, live, by stunning beauty.


EARLY SNOW • €20,00 sc.42%

"The months are a joke of man, an invention. The nature, she makes a rosary of the days that we take away from our calendars. There are only two seasons, one where the flowers and the trees grow, and the other where the nature seems attentive, with a resignation often quiet, sometimes furious."


The LORD OF THE ARCTIC • €20,00 sc.48%

The "Kingdom" of the polar bear has never been in danger as today.

Through thousands of years of evolution this species reached a very high level of specialization to be able to survive in one of the most hostile environment on Earth. Pollution and global warming are the greatest threats to the Arctic. The changes involved affect the bears as they are losing their habitat and they cannot adapt in few decades to a different  scenario.