In a few days there will be Black Friday. Do not worry beyond the name nothing bad.
It is a typically American event that starts to make its way also in Italy. Born in the '30s thanks to the idea of ​​some merchants who offer only for a day exceptional discounts giving way to Christmas shopping.
Not everything that comes from overseas is to be taken as an example but this initiative is not among them. So we decided to also offer our best Italian customers a special day in order to have a book of our catalog at a particular price.

25-28 November, 33-48% discounts

throughout the weekend you will find this titles in the catalog of the publishing house at an exaggeratedly discounted price.

Our more than photographic books are collector's items, a perfect marriage between a book of popularization and art. Perfect to be browsed by yourself and travel with the mind or in the company of the loved ones to share the emotions that the photographs can offer. Christmas is close to not miss the opportunity to give a gift to those you love or give you a book at an affordable price.

It is an offer valid only for Italy.

Here are the titles we have chosen for you:


BIOPHOTOCONTEST 2014 • €20,00 sc.33,33%



BIOPHOTOCONTEST 2015 • €20,00 sc.33,33%



BIOPHOTOCONTEST 2016 • €20,00 sc.33,33%



BIOPHOTOCONTEST 2017 • €20,00 sc.33,33%



BIOPHOTOCONTEST 2018 • €20,00 sc.33,33%



The colors of white • €20,00 sc.42,85%

Remote places, silent, crystallized by ice: these are the images that come to mind when we think of the northern and southern Sreached or our planet.  But these candid, immaculate, eternally and uniformly white expanses enclose actually a wild universe, live, by stunning beauty.


EARLY SNOW • €20,00 sc.42,85%

"The months are a joke of man, an invention. The nature, she makes a rosary of the days that we take away from our calendars. There are only two seasons, one where the flowers and the trees grow, and the other where the nature seems attentive, with a resignation often quiet, sometimes furious."


The LORD OF THE ARCTIC • €20,00 sc.48%

The "Kingdom" of the polar bear has never been in danger as today. Through thousands of years of evolution this species reached a very high level of specialization to be able to survive in one of the most hostile environment on Earth. Pollution and global warming are the greatest threats to the Arctic. The changes involved affect the bears as they are losing their habitat and they cannot adapt in few decades to a different  scenario.

Terra d'Africa • €20,00 sc.42,85%

Such is the strenght of these photos; they bring to life the essence of nature in Namibia and other parts of Africa. Reading this book evokes feelings, much like closing your eyes and inhaling the perfume of a flower. It’s no easy to capture the spirit of Africa in a “click”. Jacqueline and Valentino have managed to do so with starling success. Years spent living in the wildest parts of Namibia and other parts of Africa have allowed them to capture that wich escapes the eye of others.


COLVERA • €25,00 sc.35%

Colvera, between silence and poetry is a photographic book dedicated to area of Colvera Valley in the Friulian Dolomites. The images describe a unique environment, in its valleys the nature is still intact and wild. The text and images take us along an itinerary following the way of the clear waters of the rivers, through gorges and picturesque spots, between golden and coloured rocks until the top of Mount Raut.

Naturae, in the Eastern Prealpi Carniche •  €20,00 sc.47,36% 

A book studied, designed and built with so much passion and so much sacrifice that isn’t just a collection of images, beautiful to look at, but it is a book with a soul. The soul of someone who loves nature and wants that all people respect and protect it. The thinking is simple. Respect means knowing. What better way than a photographic book that presents us the four main valley of Eastern Prealpi Carniche.


Dolomiti friulane • €25,00 sc.44,43%

This is a spiritual journey, through images and emotions, crossing the valleys, climbing the slopes and going to the highest peaks of the amazing Friulan Dolomites. These mountains are a "separate world" that have been revealed to outsiders only in recent eras and that are still waiting to be discovered, experienced and internalized in its most secret and evocative espressions.

Michele Zanetti

Sextner Dolomiten

SEXTNER DOLOMITEN  Germ/Engh edition • €25,00 sc.44,43%

“... Only here - with the group of Baranci – rising directly from the pusterese valley, the famous Three Peaks, the dolomitic symbol more known in the world, stands towards the sky - a true” Trinity Dolomitic “. It is a series of summits grouped in breathtaking scenery. On these walls the most famous pioneers climbers have left indelible imprints in the history of mountaineering.