DVD BioPhotoContest 2014 - The temperate forests

Various authors

The Biomes are the giant mosaic that forming the planetary ecosphere. They represent the shape of major units that determine the extremely rich and diverse physiognomy of the innumerable ecosystems that ensure the functionality and the continuity of the wild life on Earth.
In this first book, with the photos of finalist photographers who participated in the 1st international competition organized by the Association Bioart visual, it is represented the biome of temperate forests on the planet.
Beautiful landscapes, wild nature with its animals and plants, the colors and shapes created by nature, are the subjects that professional and amateurs photographers, from all over the world, have taken up with extraordinary artistic ability.
Knowing the Biomes means confronting the extraordinary, exciting adventure of discovering the beauty of the planet. A cultural adventure, first of all:
the same one that moved, stimulated and supported the millenary effort of humanity for the development of the pictorial arts, literary arts and science.

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DVD BioPhotoContest 2014 - The temperate forests