The soft light of a sky at sunrise, the scent of a blooming meadow, the sounds of the forest,
the flowing of clear water between stones and rocks, magic atmospheres and emotions
told in photo books made with quality and passion





BEST BOOK of the 2020

The book was honored as the best book at the prestigious Underwater Photography book of the Year




  • 4 Novembre 2022  - La magia dei Boschi
    Meeting with the autors  
    Udine (UD) - Sala Eventi - Società Alpina Friulana, Via Brigata Re 29
  • 14/18 Settembre 2022  - Pordenonelegge
    Bookshop - Pordenone (PN) Italy - Piazza XX Settembre, Casa del libro
  • 28/29 Maggio 2022  - Caratteri Mobili - FestivalBookshop - 
    Lonigo (VI) Italy - historical center of the city
  • 13 Maggio 2022  - The magic of the woodsi
    Meeting with the autors- 
    Sacile (PN) Italy - Ex Chiesa S.Giorgio