The soft light of a sky at sunrise, the scent of a blooming meadow, the sounds of the forest,
the flowing of clear water between stones and rocks, magic atmospheres and emotions
told in photo books made with quality and passion



Colvera, tra silenzi e poesia

Photos by Willy Di Giulian

Text byi Dante Silvestrin


with a discount of 25%

only €28,80


  • 6 February: CARNIA, scrigno di emozioni. Meeting with the authors and slide-show. 
    Provesano (PN), Sala Polifunzionale - Piazza Risorta - Time:21:00

  • 20 February: CARNIA, scrigno di emozioni. Meeting with the authors and slide-show. 
    Corno di Rosazzo (UD), Abbazia - Time: 17:30