The soft light of a sky at sunrise, the scent of a blooming meadow, the sounds of the forest,
the flowing of clear water between stones and rocks, magic atmospheres and emotions
told in photo books made with quality and passion



The LORD of the ARCTIC


Photos by Marco Urso


with a discount of 9%

only €35,00


5 March - 10 April5° Festival Fotografico Europeo 2016

5-31 March: Photographic exhibitions  
31 March: book presentation  The LORD of the ARCTIC - Ex Dogana Austroungarica di Lonate Pozzolo

29 April - 1 MayFiera del Birdwatching
stand  Daniele Marson Editore

29 April h17:30: Carnia scrigno di emozioni - slide-show - Palazzo Bellini 

1 May h16:00, exhibition village - book presentation with slide-show: 
• Dolomiti Friulane - images by Luciano Gaudenzio
• Aria di neve - images by Emmanuel Boitier
• Terra d'Africa - images by Jacqueline De Monte & Valentino Morgante
• BioPhotoContest 2015